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As ironic as it may sound, I count myself as very fortunate to have grown up under the visious apartheid system. From a young age, I was exposed to giants in the fields of development and non-racial sport. All I know today I learnt frm the best leaders in the struggle for political democracy. I have experienced over many years the power of community organisations, youth and sports clubs as a valuable tool for sustainable development. The poorest of poor communities have thriving sports clubs that survive over many generations, generating their own resources. Through these organisations, communities acquire organisational management, event management, fundraising, financial management, communication, conflict resolution skills and much more. I have been part of more organisations than I can remember and I am ready to share my experience with you

Donny Jurgen

About me

Where I come from and where I wish to go

I was born and spent my early years in a place called Lansdowne until the dreaded Group Areas Act forced my family to Manenberg for a short while and then to a place on the Cape Flats called Lotus River, where I grew up. I was schooled in Lansdowne and went on to tertiary studies at Hewat training College, where I qualified as a teacher
As I indicated, I fortunate to grow up in the era of the apartheid regime. I joined the anti-apartheid struggle at a fairly young age and my involvement in various aspects of the struggle have shaped who I am today
Through my involvement in youth development, student struggles, anti-apartheid sports movement, civic organisations and even hiking club I have been fortunate to gain a wealth of experience and skills. I have also developed a vast network of friends, colleagues and comrades. What I know today, I learnt from those who went befre me. The proverbial university of life


Through my career opportunities, I have developed a wide variety of experience and skills, all of which I am now able to offer my clients

After 10 years of teaching; 5 in Hanover Park and 5 in Rocklands, Mitchell’s Plain, I joined the University of Cape Town as a Senior Sports Administrator. Under teh leadership of the legendary John Donald, I managed numerous student sport clubs and also organised numerous national student events including fencing, sailing, rowing and the highly competitive internal Football League

I moved to join Professor Tim Noakes and former South African Rugby captain, Morne Du Plessis at the newly established Sports Science Institute of South Africa and headed up their community outreach programme. My mission was to make sports science accessible and affordable to the broader sporting community. We managed a wide variety of activities, discovered and supported young talent with sorts science services. We also managed to educate and change the behavior of many coaches as far afield as George and Namaqualand. We established community based health and fitness programmes such as CHIPS (Community Health Intervention Programmes0 which have survived to this very day.

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