I have experienced over many years the power of community organisations, youth & sport clubs as a valuable tool for sustainable development

Specialise in interactive learner focus training
Specialise in post training support
Specialise in consultation services
Donny Jurgen

I provide a variety of training and development services. My passion is to facilitate learning in a variety of fields including Sport, Recreation, Youth Development and more recently, Community Safety. Learn more about my background and experience in the field 

Donny Jurgen

Interactive Learning, Training & Consulting

Sport's & recreation leadership training

Nowawdays, many sports federations focus on developing their players but very few on leadership development

Strategic planning for organisations

The power to address the challenges faced by organisations often lie within the organisation

Capturing & sharing special moments

Workshops are often life changing events where you often meet and engage with special people

Training in mobilising resources

The lack of resources is often the biggest stumbling block to the success of the organisation

Sports for development training

Training in using sport and recreation as a tool for sustainable community development


Typically a 3 day training programme in which participants are exposed to fundamentals

Monitoring &

The biggest challenge in training is often not the training itself. What happens when the workshop is done

Material development & sharing

As part of my post event service, I have created a number of templates, evalutation forms and more

Our passion

I had the pleasure of training the Westgate and Colorado neighbourhood Watch. 

Genuine, passionate, salt of the earth people, young and not so young. Working hard to keep their communities safe

First Swing

I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop of the First Swing Programme of the SA Disabled Golf Association – passionate people committed to their goals

Annual Chocolate Golf Tournament

Our sponsored event, the Annual Chocolate Golf Tournament, went well and well attended.

School Governing Body & the Senior Management

We had the pleasure to facilitate a strategic planning session for the School Governing Body and the Senior Management Team of Rondebosch East Primary School. 

Salt River Neighbourhood Watch Training

Training the Salt River Neighbourhood Watch. Passionate group of residents very serious about safety in their community and doing innovative things. 



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