Brooks Sport Consulting Testimonial

I had the pleasure of working with Donny Jurgens in 1994 whilst consulting on the UK-South Africa Sports Initiative which sought to address transformation in sport in South Africa as the nation emerged from years of Aparthied. I quickly recognized his remarkable skill set as an educator and facilitator of learning and change. Over the years we have kept contact and collaborated where we can. On moving to live in Cape Town in 2008, I was able to work closely with Donny on a range of successful sport for development projects. Today, we both find ourselves consulting in the areas of sport, sport for development and youth development. Such is my regard for the quality of work that Donny delivers that I have asked him to be an Associate Consultant for my business. I hope to be working with Donny on an ongoing basis and to delivering together many successful projects.

First entry for 2016

Welcome to my first BLOG on my first ever website! I am so excited. OK, I know it’s a bit of reading to get through, and to think I tried to keep it brief. Bottom line, it’s quite amazing how much experience one has accumulated, how much one has learnt and how many good, positive people you have met over the years. Through my involvement in the struggle for the liberation of our country, limited as it may be, the sport and recreation movement, as well as my professional career, I have been fortunate to gain valuable knowledge, insights and experience. Through these blogs, I will be sharing some of these experiences from time to time. I also want to share ideas which may stimulate debate. Through these blogs I also want to generate many many practical ideas which may help practitioners out there, trying to make a difference with limited resources. I appeal to readers to respond positively and engage in healthy discussions which will add value. Please add ideas and experiences of your own which can take us forward. Let me conclude this first blog by briefly sharing with you why I decided to venture out on my own and what you can expect from my company. Those who know me well will know that this no marketing gimmick. I have genuinely been quite passionate about education and training for all my years. After all, I trained as a teacher and enjoyed my first wonderful 10 years as a young teacher at Parkfields Primary in Hanover Park and then Seaview Primary in Rocklands Mitchell’s Plain. I enjoyed my last job at the City of Cape Town tremendously but increasingly my tasks as a manager began to take me away from my first love. After much introspection, consultation, calculation and a bit of prodding, I decided to take the plunge and venture out on my own. Touch wood, not making millions yet, but growing at a steady and manageable pace but most of all enjoying life. So I look forward to being of service to my small stable of clients but focusing on my passions, Youth Development and Sport and Recreation for Development. Let’s Talk.